$1000     Regular Booth: With Table (6 feet)
$2000     Corner Booth: With Table (6 feet)
specific categories
(Prices are regular booth; corner booth %50 extra)
$1,500     Food/Drinks/Beverages
$2,000     Mortgage/Insurance/Real Estate
Sponsor Opportunities
(MC Announcements, Festival Magazine Guide Advertise)
$40,000     Presenter Sponsorship (Main Wall Banners, One Special Sponsor Booth, Open Activities)
$20,000     Platinum Sponsorship (Sponsor Spot Banners, One Special Sponsor Booth)
$10,000     Gold Sponsorship (Corner Booth, Main Stage Side Wall)
advertising options
$15,000    Top of Main Stage (Giant Banner)
$5,500      Both Sides of Main Stage (Giant Banner)
$1,000      Front of Main Stage (Banner)
$500         Main Stage Side Wall (Banner)
$4,500      Top of Yonge Street Stage (Giant Banner)
$2,000      Both Sides of Yonge Street Stage (Giant Banner)
$350         All Other Spaces (Banner)
$300         Subtitle Message on Giant Video Screen
$500         Business Card on Giant Video Screen
$1000       Commercial Video on Giant Video Screen
magazine options
$9,000    Festival Magazine Back (Cover Page)
$5,500    Festival Magazine Inside (Cover Page)
$2,000    Festival Magazine Full Page
$1,200    Festival Magazine Half Page
$600       Festival Magazine Quarter Page
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Silk Road Group Inc. (Canada Kids Festival) located in 10076-5576 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M2N 5S2. Whereas the advertiser has agreed to purchase advertising in Canada Kids Festival as indicated top choice and attachment. The Organizer has agreed to have the stated advertisement(s) in Canada Kids Festival, and under the terms and conditions stated in this agreement and Canada Kids Festival as may be posted from time to time on

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